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NC Tool Whisper Deluxe Forge with 2 Burners

HIGH-END materials.  2-Burners - heavy-duty custom cast, each with dedicated venturi for max heat. Durable laminated Forge Floor.  Versatile Strong enough to go on the road for outdoor work.  Convenient 'pass through' port to heat long bar and knife stock.  The 'deluxe' lacks the insulated door, saving costs, best suited for indoor or warm weather use.

Specs:   Firebox = 3'' x 12'' x 6'' 


  • 2 H.Duty Cast Burners.
  • stainless steel door reflects heat away from the user.
  • hot fit your keg shoes red hot.
  • works well for many blacksmithing procedures.
  • reaches 2350 °.
  • set up for propane.


  • Firebox = 3'' x 12'' x 6''

The Whisper Deluxe Forge Includes:

  • 1x pressure gauge
  • 1x ignition button
  • 1x 8' hose
  • 1x regulator
  • 1x door handle
  • Double burner
  • Connector fittings + fitting tape
  • Simple 4-minute assembly instructions

Re-liner kits are available if needed after years of professional use.

Attach to your propane tank and you're set to forge on!  USA Quality.


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