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NC Rigid Anvil Stand with Vise

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A fast hand-crank clamp quickly locks down (or releases) the anvil from the stand.  It takes just 5-seconds!  Both this rigid stand and the folding stand for traveling hold all the NC tool Anvils we carry, from the 112lb Cavalry Anvil, the 70lb Big Face Anvil to the 70lb Knifemaker Anvil.

Stands up to heavy use for many years. Incredibly solid, yet quickly folds down to just 7" high.  The legs and frame are built from 1-1/4" 16 GA metal tube, in the USA.

The"Quick mount" step vise mount drops securely in place in just seconds, without fasteners. 

Dimensions:  30" long, 10" deep, 24" tall (without vise), 39 lb.

Optional Tool Holder available: have tongs, hammers (8-10), pritchel, etc ready to go. 

Note:  If you order multiple large items at once (forge, anvil, stand, etc) it can be very affordable if we ship on a small pallet.  You can select 'in-store pick up' at check-out if you want us to look into heavy freight options (billed separately).


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