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NC CAVALRY ANVIL -112 lbs- (+Turning Cams +Punch Slot)

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A heavy-weight contender in value and dependability...yet an easy traveller by NC Tool & Forge.

Versatile design and weight, and one of the best values per pound.   Popular with farriers, knifemakers, and blacksmiths.

  • Balanced Alloyed Casting
  • 4-5/8" x 7" Wide face
  • Turning cams on port side
  • 1-1/2" Right and left-hand square clip horn
  • 1-1/4" Round turning hole in the heel
  • 1" Hardie hole in the horn
  • 3/8" Pritchel hole in the heel


Weight: 112 lbs
Face: 4-5/8" x 7"
Heel: 3-5/8" x 6"
Horn: 4" x 9-1/2"
Height: 11"
Base: 11" x 9"


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