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Natural Balance Aluminum Horseshoes

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The Aluminum Natural Balance® Shoe is a FRONT-style Unclipped wide-web shoe with a rolled toe that offers maximum support to the hoof. The toe area on the foot side is seated out to eliminate sole contact beneath the tip of P-3. The toe portion of the shoe is reinforced and offers greater mass which means more material for wear. There is no wear plate in the shoe, therefore the toe can wear back as the foot grows in length. This allows the foot to stay in "Natural Balance" through the shoeing period. This feature sets the aluminum NBS aside from most steel shoes. The arched roll at the toe allows the horse easy access to his individual position for break-over. The steep shoulders of the shoe between the heels help to hold ground material in this region to provide caudal support to the frog and digital cushion.

The Aluminum NB shoe is made of a forged aluminum alloy that is heat treated for added hardness. This combination offers a light, yet durable shoe for optimal performance.

The Aluminum Natural Balance® Shoes are used for a wide variety of disciplines ranging from:

  • Hunter & Jumpers
  • Gaming & speed event horses.
  • Training on the race track.
  • Endurance rides (improved times and less fatigue and interference).
  • Rodeo horses (wide-web aluminum is beneficial for traction, and the design helps keep the horses from interfering & forging).

Available Sizes: Width x Length

  • 2x0 = 4.50" x 4.50" 
  • 0     = 4.75" x 4.75" 
  • 1     = 5.00" x 5.00" 
  • 2     = 5.25" x 5.25" 
  • 3     = 5.50" x 5.50" 
  • 4     = 5.75" x 5.75" 

Sold per pair  (2 shoes). 10 pairs = a full box.


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