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Natural Balance PLR Bar Aluminum Horseshoes

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The NB PLR (Performance Leverage Reduction) BAR shoe is the next generation in aluminum performance & treatment footwear for horses. 

Strain or lesions on the DDFT and the connective tissue around the coffin (DIP) joint is a growing concern based on MRI findings over the last several years. Because horses were not particularly designed to turn and run in tight circles, the joints in the lower limb, and especially the coffin joint takes a beating. When the connective tissue and the joint surface itself become traumatized, the soundness & performance of the horse rapidly decreases.

Reducing the leverage to the joint by bringing the break-over point of a shoe within a given proximity to the center of articulation has proven to be extremely beneficial as a treatment protocol. These shoes offer great caudal foot support.

Special Design Features:

  • Optimized multi-directional break-over relief.
  • Tapered heel to reduce heel impact forces.
  • Available in a FLAT Version ONLY.
  • The Aluminum PLR BAR shoe is milled from a hardened aluminum alloy. This material offers a light, yet durable shoe for optimal performance.

The Aluminum PLR BAR Shoes are a great treatment tool for a variety of lameness issues and pathology's such as:

  • collateral ligament lesions
  • ringbone
  • coffin joint disease,
  • quarter cracks,
  • navicular syndrome and many more.

Available Sizes:

  • Front 3x0 = (4.25" Wide x 4.25" Long)
  • Front 2x0 = (4.50" Wide x 4.50" Long)
  • Front 0     = (4.75" Wide x 4.75" Long)
  • Front 1     = (5.00" Wide x 5.00" Long)
  • Front 2     = (5.25" Wide x 5.25" Long)

Sold per pair (2 shoes). 10 pairs = a full box.

Made in Italy


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