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Alpha Ultra Hind Steel Horseshoes

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NEW! The Ultra Hind Steel Horseshoes feature a well-designed ROLL in the toe of the shoe continues towards the quarters offering the much-needed Leverage Reduction required for many equine athletes today.


  • Semi-concave section with Deep Fullering 
  • Multi-Direction Leverage Reduction for better forward and medial/lateral movements
  • Versatile nail hole pattern punched for E-Head nails
  • Convex radius inner rim for optimal traction and reduced weight
  • Seated out past the toe quarters to eliminate the chance of sole pressure
  • Special Heel "island" provided for easy drilling & tapping for studs
  • Heels have been pre-boxes (safed)

Sizes Available:

  • 0 Hind Unclipped = W 121mm - 4-3/4''  
  • 1 Hind Unclipped = W 127mm - 5''

 Sold per pair (2 shoes) 10 pairs = 1 Box


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