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Myron McLane Full Support Pad - per Pair

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This pad supports the bony column of the hoof, redistributing the weight from the hoof wall to the frog. The release of pressure increases the blood supply to the hoof wall area, which then allows for maximum hoof growth. These pads can be used with egg bars, straight bars, and open shoes.

These Full Support Pads are ideal for horses with:

  • underrun heels
  • quarter cracks
  • laminitis
  • road founder
  • pedal osteitis

Sizes Available:

  • Small = 6'' Long x 5 1/4'' Wide x 7/8'' Thick at the heel.
  • Medium = 7'' Long x 6 1/4'' Wide x 7/8'' Thick at the heel.
  • Large = 9'' Long x 8 1/4'' Wide x 7/8'' Thick at the heel.

Sold per pair (2 Pads).


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