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Michel Vaillant Parabolic Sport Steel Horseshoes

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A high-performance steel shoe from France specifically geared towards the needs of performance horses. Easy to shape, and loved by horses and farriers alike. 

6 Concepts of the Parabolic Sport Shoe:


  • Toe with wide cover (25 mm) to protect the front part of the foot and balance sinking into soft grounds between toe and heels.
  • Quarters with thinned branches (20 mm) to facilitate the foot's lateral sinking in turns (reduce stresses on collateral ligaments), improve grip and reduce weight (15% lighter than a basic shoe section 22 x 10 mm).


  • Heels with wide cover (25 mm) for better load distribution and avoids the heels sinking into soft ground (reduce stresses on deep digital flexor tendon and on podotrochlear apparatus).
  • Ergonomic design to respect the frog's morphology.


  • Toenail holes with multi-directional angles. Easy driving of the nail even if the shoe is set back from the toe or forged with a square toe.


  • Totally beveled outer rim. Facilitates breaking over and reduces stresses during the propulsion phase in a straight line as in turn.


  • Improves the lateral elasticity of the shoe to facilitate the hoof's natural movements.
  • 2.5 times more lateral elasticity than a basic shoe (section 22 x 10 mm).

 All Parabolic Steel Shoes are 9 mm Thick with Quarter Clips.

Sizes Available:Width x Length

  • Front 2x0 - 128mm x 128mm
  • Front0 -     136mm x 136mm
  • Front1 -     142mm x 142mm
  • Front2 -     148mm x 148mm
  • Front 3 -     156mm x 156mm

Made in France.

Sold in pairs (2 shoes). 10 pairs = a full box.


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