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Mustad Toeing Knife

Made with super sharp high alloyed forged steel, these knives are popular in Europe for quick effective trims. The traditional way to trim, and made to be durable. These knives work extremely well on hard to trim hooves.


  • The wide, comfortable plastic grip reduces shock and vibration and prevents turning.
  • Simply oil the blade when not in use, and sharpen with typical sharpening tools.
  • Best paired with a nylon hammer when driving the blade.

Toeing knives also come in handy when it's time to remove cuffed glue-on shoes:

  1. Simply start at the back of the heel, and place your knife between the bottom of the hoof, and the shoe (blade facing forward towards the toe).
  2. The goal is to "smack" the toeing knife's blunt edge with a nylon hammer, which then pushes the blade along the bottom of the shoe, separating it from the glued cuff. 
  3. Once the shoe is separated completely from the cuff, you can then use your pull-offs to remove the cuff from the hoof wall (start again at the heel and peel forwards towards the toe). 

Sizes Available:


  • 11'' Total Knife Length
  • 5.5'' Total Blade Length
  • 3.5'' Cutting Edge


  • 14'' Total Knife Length
  • 8.5'' Total Blade Length
  • 4.5'' Cutting Edge

Made in Sweden.

Sold individually.


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