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Mustad Regular Head Horseshoe Nails

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The Mustad REG nail is a traditional nail from the USA developed to provide a secure hold for most conventional U-fullered horseshoes. It is especially suitable when shoeing heavy, packed, and working horses. However, horses that work under variable conditions on demanding terrain will also benefit from the strength of the REG nail. 

Good to Know:

  • Traditional USA-type nail with a perfect fit for U-creased shoes.
  • Suitable for heavy and working horses.

 Sizes Available:

  • RH 5 = 50mm (250 nails/box)
  • RH 6 = 54mm (250 nails/box)
  • RH 8 = 64mm (100 nails/box)
  • RH 9 = 68mm (100 nails/box)

Sold per box 


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