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Mustad MX Horseshoe Nails

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The Mustad MX Nail has an even slimmer shank than the E-Slim and has been developed to reduce hoof wall displacement. Features a European style with a rectangular head shape and an ultra slim shank. This nail has been specially developed for horses with very sensitive, thin hoof walls.

Good to Know:

  • Brilliant nail for reducing hoof wall displacement.
  • Great for using smaller sections of shoes (eg. = 19 x 8).
  • Slim blade allows for consistency when driving.
  • Can be less stable due to having a pronounced head, so not recommended for heavy shoes.

Available Sizes:

  • MX 50 = 50mm
  • MX 55 = 53mm
  • MX 60 = 54.5mm
  • MX 65 = 55.5mm
  • MX 70 = 59mm

Sold per box (250 Nails/Box).


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