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Mustad Full Leather Pad - per Pair

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Protection and shock absorption for the hoof.

Mustad leather pads are made of solid and heavy-duty buffalo leather. The high-quality South-American leather excels because of its solid and sustainable character. This natural product offers optimal sole protection and shock absorption. Most filling materials adhere very well with this pad due to the natural rawness of the surface. This prevents the filling material from sliding out.

Good to know:

  • good humidity management due to the natural characteristics of leather
  • shock absorption and sole protection in one
  • durable, sustainable and heavy-duty
  • it is recommended to clinch the pad to the heel of the shoe

Size Available:

  • #7 Heavy = 7" Wide x 7.5" Long, 7.5 mm Thick
  • Draft XX Heavy = 11.5" Wide x 9 5/8" Long, 8 mm Thick

Sold in pairs (2 pads).


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