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Mustad Frost/RIB Horseshoe Nails

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The Frost/RIB nail is designed for increased traction. The head has a normal rectangular form that fits firmly into the fuller, but is extended and ends in a wedge-shaped point. The head fits into the shoe as normal, but the top of the head forms a wedge to protrude above the level of the shoe to aid in traction. The RIB-nail is designed for horses that require additional grip with every step.

Good to Know:

  • Increased traction with every step.
  • Rectangular head with an extended wedge-shaped point on top.
  • Great for variable and rough terrain.
  • Note these are shorter nails.
  • Large crown has the potential to put pressure on the hoof wall.

Available Sizes:

  • Frost 5 = 53mm

Sold per box (250 Nails/Box).


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