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Mustad Equi-Librium Steel Horseshoes - per Pair

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The design of the Equi-Librium horseshoe is the end result from an extensive scientific research project at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Balance in motion, the Equi-Librium design came from lengthy research to develop a shoe that could accurately facilitate the mechanical function and support needed for the Sport discipline equine. The advantages have spread into this designs ability to help horses with therapeutic requirements. From everyday horses to Olympic level competitors, the Equi-Librium is Mustad's solution.

  • Punched for EXL, and E-Slim nails.


  • Definite Left and Right foot designated shoes.
  • Follows the anatomical foot shape.
  • Slightly longer lateral branch.
  • Extra wide toe has a 2-dimensional convex curve allowing fluent break-over in any direction.
  • Full heel support.
  • Beautiful clips and a V-crease for a tight nail fit.
  • Beveled edges, sole relief and flush clips are all standard.

Welfare and athletic performance of the horse took priority in this design, where break-over and support are the key design features of this shoe. The positive effects of this shoe have not only been scientifically proven, but have also been demonstrated in
practice. This combination of features allows proper ligament and tendon tension for optimal stride performance while reducing toe leverage and possible joint abuse. Overall, the Equi-Librium® is a sport shoe for performance horses as well
as any horses that have to make (fast) turns in their work.

Style Available:

  • Fronts ONLY
  • 2 Clips
  • Un-clipped

Sizes Available:

  • Front 3x0
  • Front 2x0
  • Front 0
  • Front 1
  • Front 2
  • Front 3
  • Front 4

Sold in pairs (2 shoes). 10 pairs = a full box.


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