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Mustad Equilibrium Air Steel Clipped Horseshoes - Fronts

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The Equi-Librium® is a sports shoe for the performance horse. The NEW Equilibrium Air has taken it a step further with its new design that is 15% lighter than the standard Equi-Librium. The positive effects of the design of this shoe regarding break-over and support allow proper ligament and tendon tension for optimal stride performance while reducing toe leverage and possible joint abuse. 

  • Punched for EXL, and E-Slim nails.


  • 15% Lighter than the standard Equi-Librium
  • Definite Left and Right foot designated shoes with a slightly longer lateral branch.
  • Follows the anatomical foot shape.
  • Extra wide toe has a 2-dimensional convex curve allowing fluent break-over in any direction.
  • Full heel support.
  • Beautiful clips and a V-crease for a tight nail fit.
  • Beveled edges, sole relief, and flush clips are all standard.

Sizes Available:

  • Front 00
  • Front 0 
  • Front 1 
  • Front 2
  • Front 3
  • Front 4

Sold in pairs (2 shoes). 10 pairs = a full box.


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