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Mustad Drive-In Studs/Plugs 10/Bag

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Mustad Horseshoe Drive-in Studs are made to the most exacting specifications and come in a wide range of styles to meet the grip requirements of all equine disciplines and environments. Tungsten pins are brazed to the body of the stud for better durability and strength over rocky terrain.

  • Adds additional durability to the shoe on hard surfaces.
  • Provides extra traction/grip under various conditions, especially during winter.

Sizes Available:

P-9 = 14 mm Head diameter, 7.5 mm above the shoe, use drill bit 23/64"

P-10 S = 14 mm Head diameter, 6.5 mm above the shoe, use drill bit 17/64"

P-11 S = 10 mm Head Diameter, 7.5 mm above the shoe, use drill bit 17/64"

P-11.5 S = 10 mm Head Diameter, 8.2 mm above the shoe, use drill bit 17/64"

P-13 S = 8 mm Head Diameter, use drill bit 17/64"


Step 1. Drill - Simply select the correct drill bit size for the stud size from the above information, and drill a hole in the shoe

Step 2. Drive - Place the stud in the hole and drive with a soft face hammer. (Do not use a hard face hammer as chipping may occur.) Do not drive it all the way to the other side of the shoe or until the shoulder touches the bottom side of the shoe.

Sold in Bags (10 studs/bag).


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