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Mustad Concave Horseshoe Nails

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The Mustad Concave® Nail has a special head shape that prevents the nail from twisting in the fuller and nail hole. The concept of PITCH™ offers a small angle between the nail head and the shank of the nail which supports nailing on with a correct angle, which reduces possible pressure on the hoof wall. The longer slim and strong shank gives the option to nail higher when preferred or needed.

Good to Know:

  • A slimmer blade allows easy drive with less hoof wall displacement.
  • Pitched head for a great range when nailing.
  • 3mm longer than the equivalent size in the ESL range.
  • Great choice when using pads.
  • Predictable consistent driving.
  • Fits very well in concave shoes as well as Equi-Librium® and Eventer® shoes. 

Sizes Available:

  • Concave 3 = 50.5mm
  • Concave 4 = 53.5mm
  • Concave 5 = 56.5mm
  • Concave 6 = 59.5mm

Sold per box (250 Nails/Box).

12 boxes = 1 case


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