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Mizzou Castable Plus - Pail

MIZZOU CASTABLE PLUS is a versatile high strength 60% alumina hydraulic bonded castable for use up to 3000 °F. This is the real McCoy.


  • It has excellent resistance to numerous different slags, resists vitrification, and actually shows expansion rather than shrinkage at high temperatures. 
  • MIZZOU CASTABLE PLUS does not have the insulating properties of KAST-O-LITE 30 LI PLUS (another 3000 °F castable) but it is tough. 
  • It has superior resistance to thermal spalling and is high strength throughout its entire temperature range.
  • 2 sizes available: 1 Gallon (14 lb, 1/4 bag) or 2 Gallon (28 lb, 1/2 bag)

Typical Applications:

  • ceramic kilns
  • combustion chambers
  • burner blocks
  • forge furnaces
  • ribbon burners
  • iron foundry ladles

Click here for Mizzou Plus SDS and Mizzou Plus Technical Data Sheet.

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