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Mini Mighty Now with a 2nd Burner On/Off Valve

A Great little powerhouse of a Forge.  This Mini Mighty Forge is now a two-burner giving you the control of firing both or either one.

It gives the Mini and most efficient forge in the Mighty Forge line up & its got some real muscle when you want it.

The Interior Firebox is 7.75" wide, 7.5 deep", and 3.5" high.

Run the left, the right or both burners as you need heat.

Forges are selling before they arrive in the shop, so don't hesitate to buy any that we allow you to buy when our stock says zero.  It means we are on the way or about to be.  Get your forge reserved.

These have a wave floor brick, like the old HYPONA, forge, allowing the fire to deflect off the floor and heat the underside of your steel stock.

Weight saving is a consideration with the Mini, and the Steel Frame is made with the industry standard thickness of steel.  Other Pro Mighty Forges are standard with a 1/16" thicker steel body, making them a little beefier and a little heavier.

Sold with my favourite workhorse regulator, small in stature but with all the 2 million BTU/hr capacity of our original larger red regulators, yet with a precision control dial rivalling a good needle valve with its precision. 

We have great freight partners and have tricks that can save money on shipping.  

It's time to turn up the heat.



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