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MILLNER-HAUFEN Left Hand / REVERSE - Extraction Drill Bit Set - **Lifetime Warranty!!

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Millner-Haufen's Tools have an unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee directly from Millner!**

New purchases are delivered immediately if in stock; otherwise assigned and delivered upon receipt of our monthly order from Millner-Haufen. 

The only one of its kind.  For use to remove broken or stripped bolts. 

Conventional extraction methods involve drilling a hole in the broken bolt shaft, then driving a 'reverse plug tap' into the hole and turning it in reverse to remove the bolt.  The problem is conventional drill bits tighten the broken bolt as they drill by spinning clockwise. 

By spinning in reverse, the Millner Haufen drill bits often unwind the broken or stripped bolt just by drilling.  Sometimes the 2nd step of using a reverse plug tap is unnecessary, but even when required, rest assured that the Screw or Bolt has been torqued looser rather than tighter through the drilling process.

This 10-tool offer includes long and short versions of 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, and 1/4 drill bits plus a free bonus 3/8" bit as our Canadian Special (it's usually only available in person at trade shows).  A centre punch ensures your drill starts true dead centre rather than walking to the edge of the threads at start-up.  

Exceptional Tools make Exceptional Gifts.

**Lifetime warranty is honoured by Miller-Haufen USA.  Upon return to Millner by post, tools are shipped directly to you free of charge.  (Return Postal Address: Millner-Haufen Tool Co.  PO Box 0121085, Nashville, TN, USA, 37212, with your Name, Return Address & Contact Info.)


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