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MILLNER-HAUFEN 7" Diamond Step Cut Off Wheel **Lifetime Replacement Warranty **

Millner-Haufen's Tools have an unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee directly from Millner!**

New purchases are delivered immediately if in stock; otherwise assigned and delivered upon receipt of our monthly order from Millner-Haufen. 

Faster, Safer, Precise, and Consistent with unbelievable durability & longevity.  

Avoid the mess and dust of numerous abrasive discs.  Use dry or wet. 

These cut-off wheels maintain a virtually constant diameter giving them far greater utility than traditional 4.5" abrasive zip discs, which decrease in size and depth of cut with use.  

Cleaner, less dust, stronger, able to withstand small falls without damage, safer, no more shattered disc shrapnel commonly encountered with standard abrasive discs.

These are a new & specialized cut-off version of the original MILLNER-HAUFEN diamond-plated 6" cutting/ grinding wheel and can cut steel approx 1/3 faster.  Note a 4.5" diamond Step-Cut disc is also available for smaller jobs and smaller angle grinders.

The Diamond Step Cut-Off Wheel is versatile, cutting steel, aluminum, cast iron, stainless, marble, stone, cement, rebar, ductile iron, masonry, and more.

Use at up to 15,000 rpm.

Exceptional Tools make Exceptional Gifts.

**Lifetime warranty is honoured by Miller-Haufen USA.  Upon return to Millner by post, tools are shipped directly to you free of charge.  (Return Postal Address: Millner-Haufen Tool Co.  PO Box 0121085, Nashville, TN, USA, 37212, with your Name, Return Address & Contact Info.)


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