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Mild Steel 2x2" Square Bar

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2x2" Mild Steel Square Bar Stock, Hot Rolled.  Available by the foot.

Use for Design, Forging and Structural work whenever high carbon or stainless steel is not required.

Easy to forge, shape, grind, and weld.

A popular less expensive and easier-to-work option for practising forging hammers and hatchets before moving to harder and more expensive high-carbon steels.

Note that these steel prices will be subject to rising as existing inventory is replaced.

Hammers and Axes can be forged from either round or square stock.  

Note:  2" Steel Cross Sections are also available in Mild Round, 1045 Carbon, and 4140 Carbon Tool Steel.

Note - Call us we have a lot of mild steel in stock at great prices that is not online yet. 

Note that we can ship lengths over 36" but it can influence shipping.


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