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HEAVY DUTY Mighty Forge - Engineered to CSA guidelines

This forge has been built to be able to comply with CSA standards.*  

Double Burner design.

Able to run on Propane or Natural Gas, with stainless steel burner tips.

The body is made of 3/16" plate steel for durability and a removable top for ease of lining replacement & maintenance.

Thermocouple equipped with standing pilot light and a Robershaw thermomagnetic automatic valve providing starting simplicity and functional safety.

Inside dimensions 11.5" Wide, 7.5" Deep & 3.54" High.

The Interior is lined with a 2" vacuum-formed fiberboard (Thermo-Tech HT Board).

Lightweight poured floor using lightweight 80 compound.

Dual 2"x3" side ports for stock pass-through of any length.

Achieves forge welding heat within minutes.

Fully insulated large door.

Weight 85 lbs.

*  IF REQUIRED, an engineer's letter is available that when followed and signed by a licensed gas fitter, verify's the system's conformity to CSA guidelines.  The manufacturer charges a fee for partial recovery of the development and engineering costs sustained in this effort: H.Duty Mighty Forge Engineering Letter for Gasfitter/ Installer for CSA compliance.  

**Note- we received Mighty Forges regularly, this model is typically manufactured upon ordering and is delivered to us just a couple of days later. 

***Note- we can ship heavy orders on a small skid, and to many locations I can add several hundred pounds of goods for the same price as a single forge, so if you could use either a few forges or anvils, or other heavy items but are concerned about shipping, please contact us.  You'll be surprised at some options. 


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