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Mighty Forge Draft Pro

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Large 3-burner propane forge sized for projects from draft shoes, double-bearded axe heads, knives, scrolls, and endless other creations.


  • Interior firebox sized 15.75 wide x 8.75" deep x 3.75" high & 92 lbs.
  • 2" thick insulated door, top hinged to gravity close.
  • Operates from 2-15 psi, and includes a CSA-approved 10' hose, regulator, and gauge.
  • Reaches forge welding heats within minutes.
  • 2 x 3" side ports for pass-through long lengths of steel or long blades.
  • 3/16 plate skeleton, removable top, replaceable monolithic floor casting.
  • individually controlled burner kits.

Proudly Canadian Made

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