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Michael Puhl Pads w/ Frog Support - Wedge

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This pad system distributes weight evenly over the entire back half of the hoof. Designed to be used with DIM (dental impression material) to provide gentle support without pressure.

The Michael Puhl (P.M.- Germany) Wedge Pads (also available in flat) have a tendon/ligament supporting benefit. The wedge effect facilitates breakover, relieving pressure on the Navicular region, while still engaging the frog comfortably.

Renowned hoof researcher Dr. Robert Bowker of Michigan and lameness clinician Dr. Sean G. Archibald are both strong advocates of utilizing the horse's natural vascular support system, the digital cushion, which, when engaged via the natural action of the frog, becomes pressurized and provides support critical to the soft tissues and health of hoof -especially of the navicular bone and adjacent DDFT (deep digital flexor tendon).

As shown in the picture below, a horse with underrun heels can be helped by trimming its heels back.  This greatly increases the ground contact in the back of his foot, used concurrently with the PM wedged frog support shoe, the overall angle is maintained, even increased.

This support is amplified on soft footing.  The heels of a typical shoe sink into arena footing causing the back of the hoof to drop, causing tremendous internal strains in the foot.  The PM pads provide the floatation of a barefoot hoof on a shod foot.

This floatation, offers 'dynamic' support, easing lift & breakover while avoiding the risk of further crushing heels egg bar shoes threaten, especially when landing heal first at speed.

  • Treatment and prevention of navicular syndrome.
  • Regeneration of under-run and contracted heels.
  • Correction of Hoof-pastern axis is viable
  • Treatment of laminitis (founder) in combination with hoof packing.
  • Treatment of sole sensitivity in combination with hoof packing.
  • Combining with additional orthopedic horseshoeing is possible.

Sizes Available:

  • Small = 5 3/4'' Wide x 5 1/2'' Long x 5/8'' Thick Wedge
  • Large = 7'' Wide x 7'' Long x 5/8'' Thick Wedge

Made in Germany.

Sold per pair (2 pads).


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