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Michael Puhl Wedge Pad - per Pair

The PM Hoof Pad Wedge is an aid to eliminate increased strain on tendons, heels and soles. The pad has a tendon-supporting effect with its frog-shaped concavity leading to a statics/balance improvement, similar to the one of an closed-bar shoe (egg-bar). This pad offers a much better pressure distribution on both the frog and sole.
The outstanding extra benefit of the PM Wedge Pad is the enlargement of the weight bearing area of the heels, which results in an optimized weight and pressure distribution. For this to occur, the PM Wedge Pad must be applied as shown in the figure. By lowering the heels, the weight-bearing area is substantially increased and the PM Wedge Pad fits in the space of the removed heel and keeps a correct hoof-pastern axis.
  • Treatment and prevention of navicular syndrome.
  • Regeneration of under-run and contracted heels.
  • Correction of Hoof-pastern axis is viable
  • Treatment of laminitis (founder) in combination hoof packing.
  • Treatment of sole sensitivity in combination with hoof packing.
  • Combining with additional orthopedic horseshoeing is possible.

Sizes Available:

  • Small = 5 3/4'' Wide x 5 1/2'' Long x 5/8'' Thick Wedge
  • Large = 7'' Wide x 7'' Long x 5/8'' Thick Wedge

Made in Germany.

Sold per pair (2 pads).


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