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Michael Puhl Pads w/ Frog Support - Flat

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The Michael Puhl Flat Hoof Pad is an aid to eliminate increased strain on tendons, heels, and soles. Restoring the hoof balance by pressure distribution. The pad shows a tendon-supporting effect by its frog-shaped concavity which leads to a statics/balance improvement similar to the one of a closed-bar shoe (egg-bar). In addition, it offers a much better pressure distribution on frog and sole, which is an outstanding benefit.

The space left between the hoof and the pad is filled with DIM (dental impression material) hoof packing. This assists with circulation as it engages the digital cushion when the horse is shod as opposed to leaving it suspended. 

Note: injectable silicones are not as well suited as DIM for for this application. They can be too soft and cause the back vertical lip of the pad to push up and bruise the horse's heel. Depending on the shape of the horses' heel bulbs, slightly trimming down the concave support can help to avoid any unnecessary added pressure.
  • Treatment and prevention of navicular syndrome.
  • Regeneration of under-run and contracted heels.
  • Correction of Hoof-pastern axis is viable
  • Treatment of laminitis (founder) in combination hoof packing.
  • Treatment of sole sensitivity in combination with hoof packing.
  • Combining with additional orthopedic horseshoeing is possible.

Size available:

  • Large = 7'' Long x 7'' Wide x 1/8'' Thick 

Made in Germany.

Sold per pair (2 pads).


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