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MFC One Handed Foal Nipper

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MFC Hoof Nippers are uniquely engineered with H-13 tool steel cutting blades merging into 410 stainless handles for rust prevention and optimal performance.

This one-handed foal nipper has a hook that goes over the top of your hand, and finger loops for your fingers. This enables you to open the nipper with only the one hand, while you wrangle and hold the hoof with the other.

The steels are differentially hardened for efficiency and durability.

  • Cutting edge to Rockwell 65.
  • Base of the blades to Rockwell 60.
  • Handles to Rockwell 50 (so they do not bend).

Size Available:

  • 10'' long with a 1'' wide cutting blade perfect for foals, ponies, and mini's.

All MFC hand tools come with a 6-month guarantee against defects.

Sold individually.


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