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MFC Hoof Nippers

MFC Hoof Nippers are uniquely engineered with H-13 tool steel cutting blades merging into 410 stainless handles for rust prevention and optimal performance. 

The steels are differentially hardened for efficiency and durability.

  • Cutting edge to Rockwell 65.
  • The base of the blades to Rockwell 60.
  • Handles to Rockwell 50 (so they do not bend).

Sizes Available:

  • 10" Mini Nipper has a 5/8" cutting blade which makes it easier to trim really small "Mini" horses.
  • 12" Hoof Nipper has a 1" wide cutting blade.
  • 14" Hoof Nipper has a 1-1/8" wide cutting blade.
  • 15" Hoof Nipper has a 1-3/16" wide cutting blade.
  • 16" Reg Head Hoof Nipper has a 1-1/4" wide cutting blade.


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