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MFC Borium Bullets - per Box

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The borium (tungsten carbide crystals) is located inside a small piece of copper tubing. Each box can do all four feet on four horses.

Each box includes:  

  • 16x Toe Bullets.
  • 32x Heel Bullets.
  • 75 grams of Brazing Flux.


Heat the toe of the shoe in your forge, remove the shoe, and use your wire brush to remove scale from the toe of the shoe. Then sprinkle the flux on the toe and place the bullet. Sprinkle a little more flux over the bullet and place the toe back in the fire. Wait until the Borium Bullet collapses. At the very second the bullet collapses (completely collapses) remove the shoe from the fire and hold it level for five to ten seconds. Then reverse the shoe to do the same procedure on both heels at the same time.

Available Sizes:

  • Standard.
  • Draft.

Made in the USA.

Sold per box.


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