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Steel /Metal Carbide Cut Off Saw Blade /Wheel - 14" Devil NXT Thin

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Extreme Technology for Fast, Clean, Cool, Economical Cutting.


  • Preserves Temper of Steel by Cutting Cool to the Touch.
  • 1" Arbor
  • 14"/356mm Diameter 
  • 90 carbide teeth
  • Limits vibration and extends blade life
  • Much Cleaner than Abrasive Discs or Saw Wheels
  • More precise than a plasma cutter
  • Faster than a Zip Disc or a Water Jet
  • A most economical way to cut steel.
  • Thin Kerf Blades for Fast Efficient Cuts, designed for Steel to 1/4" (6mm).
  • Can be used dry or with a cutting lubricant.


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