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M35 Cobalt Steel Drill Bit - 6.8mm

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The M35 Cobalt Steel drill bits are made of M35 grade steel alloy with cobalt. The cobalt increases the strength of the steel and makes it more heat-resistant. These work with the Mustad drive-in plugs/studs needing a 6.8mm bit.


  • 135 Degree self-centering split point to help remove steel
  • High flow spiral design bit body for fastest removal rate
  • Straight shank for a standard drill chuck, end of the shank is chamfered to allow easy and firm holding
  • Special bronze SST heat and surface treatment
  • Good for drilling stainless steel, cast iron, and titanium alloy. Do not use on glass, ceramic, high-carbon steel, or heat-treated steel.

Sold individually.


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