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Spiral taper for 1/2" Arbour bench grinders

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These are the cats' meow. 

Now you can change the wheel on your grinder faster than you can send a text.

This is an arbour extension that allows you to 'spin-on your buffing or grinding wheels in seconds.

You need both a LH and a RH to outfit both sides of your standard bench grinder.

This item fits 1/2" diameter arbours, in both LH & RH spin on threads.  We have similar spiral tapers to fit 5/8" arbors.

Great News:  Once your spiral tapers are mounted on your bench grinder you can attach wheels with either 1/2" or 5/8" diameter holes effortlessly and with lightning speed.

This product gets Doc S's 5-star review.  He loves these things. 

Perfect when using buffing wheels with dedicated buffing compounds.  Faster, cost-effective, & efficient.

Simply spin on your project and compound-specific wheels as needed with lightning speed 

I have multiple cotton buffing wheels with different compounds on each wheel, and I simple spin on compound-specific wheels as needed.  It saves time and it is much more efficient than changing the compound on a wheel.  Note that these come in both clockwise (RH) and counterclockwise (LH) spin on threads for either side of your grinder.  Once you've used these there is no going back, simply a brilliant invention.

Bonus:  the ends are tapped to accept abrasive cones and other attachments with 1/8" mandrels for fine grinding and buffing.  The abrasive cone is great for sharpening the curved hook of a farrier's knife or inside a horseshoer's loop knife.  Available in 3 variants:  Diamond, Abrasive Cone, and Fine Pink cone Abrasives.  Made by Londonderry Forge UK.



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