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Lily Pads

The Lily Pad was created by Ric Redden DVM of Kentucky as a solution for various foot ailments. This temporary frog support pad offers non-traumatic support by providing an instant heartbar effect. The cushion protects, supplies relief, and assists circulation without further trauma to the foot. Often used in treatment for Laminitic horses. Dr. Redden recommends stall rest for a few days, or until the inflammation has resolved.

  • Provides a 5 degree heel elevation.
  • Reduces breakover when placed on a flat foot, not a deep cupped foot.
  • Reduces heel to ground contact for acutely bruised heels.
  • Decreases pull on the deep flexor tendon. Not meant for long term, but as an emergency advantage until higher rated mechanics can be put into place.
  • Able to fit a variety of feet as the "cuff" around the heel bulbs is flexible and can spread to accommodate a larger foot.
  • Can be used to aid chronic laminitis if the palmar angle is less than 5 degrees.

 For application, you just set the pad against the heel bulbs with the "triangle tip" running along the frog pointing towards the toe. Once it's aligned, simply apply your choice of tape to hold it in place. We recommend Duct Tape, or Gorilla Tape for a stronger hold.

Manufactured in the USA by Therapeutic Equine Products.

Sold in pairs (2 pads).


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