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Liberty E Head Slim Horseshoe Nails

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This European standard design nail has a longer and thinner shank compared to the regular E nails. The advantage of these nails is that you can drive the nails higher in the hoof wall without causing the hoof wall to crack, especially on thin-walled horses. The smaller sizes also can be used for aluminum or steel race plates. Fits very well in V-fullered shoes.


  • An extra smooth finish, beveled edges, and an extra sharp point mean less damage to the foot.
  • Durable steel core lasts 8-10 weeks with ease.
  • Easy clinching.
  • Fewer hammer blows needed.
  • Strong box made of recycled plastic

Available Sizes:

  • E Slim 3 = 47.5mm 
  • E Slim 4 = 51mm 
  • E Slim 5 = 54mm 
  • E Slim 6 = 57.5mm 

Sold per box (250 nails/box).


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