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Liberty CU Carrera Race Horseshoe Nails

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The Liberty Carrera is an innovative copper-coated race horseshoe nail that combines a unique patented neck design with a super slim shaft which ensures a seamless fit and reduces nail movement. The reining market are loving the fit of these nails as well in the slider plates.


  • Neck design is standardized to fit in the crease and nail holes regardless of the size of the race plate.
  • The neck is slightly wider just under the head of the nail compared to regular race nails. This allows a tight secure fit.
  • The copper coating does not rust or wear inside the hoof for stronger healthier hooves. 

Sizes Available:

  • Small = 41.5mm long  - similar to Race 3.5XL
  • Medium = 44.5mm - similar to the race 4.5
  • Large= 47mm - similar to the race 5


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