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Mustad Libero Front Clipped Steel Horseshoes

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A versatile shoe for both leisure and sport. The Mustad Libero is a 3/4 fullered all-around horseshoe based on feedback received on the very successful LB range. The main objective of the team of design experts has been to respect the natural shape of the hoof and provide the best support and protection for the horse.

  • Punched for EXL, or Concave nails.


  • Section-To-Size: dimensions change according to shoe size.
  • Follows the anatomical foot shape.
  • Fronts and hinds have a definitive left and right shape.
  • Slope heels for front shoes, upright heels for hind shoes.
  • Edges are rounded or boxed.

Styles Available:

  • Fronts (side clipped)

Sizes Available:

  • 2x0 (20 x 8)
  • 0     (22 x 8) Sold out
  • 1     (22 x 8)
  • 2     (22 x 8) Sold out
  • 3     (22 x 8)
  • 4     (22 x 8)

Sold per pair (2 shoes). 10 pairs = a full box.


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