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Knives & Nippers SHARPENING Services

Need your blade 're-trued' to hold a finer edge?

Tools got wet, and knives look like salvage from the Titanic?

Repetitive buffing causing a 'bull nose' edge that can't get sharp?

Replacing dull knives with new ones?  ... starting to look like a dull knife hoarder?

Sharpened your favourite knife so many times it's worn back to the thick spine of the blade?

Trimming hooves with sharp tools is a solid day's work... What do you call doing it with dull tools?

We Sharpen. Drop off a knife (or 10), and we'll get them well sorted and return them sharp, often sharper than new.

Option 1)  You can drop the knives off or send them to us if that is more convenient.  (Return Shipping is billed later if needed).

Option 2)  Minor Nipper Cutting Edge Sharpening (done in-house).  We sharpen & adjust the blade edges and the integrated stop with a series of diamond tools.  If the rivets are loose, its time for option 3 (next):

Option 3)We also have a Hoof Nipper Rebuild Service (includes UPS Freight to the USA and back). Rebuilt nippers return with new rivets and completely rebuilt heads, often sharper and preferred over new nippers. They are also engraved with your initials. Shipping is Included—the average turnaround time is 8 weeks.

still to come:

Option (Link) 4) A link to Doc's two favourite simple hand sharpeners for farrier knife maintenance.  - coming soon

Option (Link) 5)  A link to some power sharpening options & packages.  Investing 15 seconds on your buffer every morning for a razor-sharp edge and a strong head start on an efficient day's work—options from speed arbour extensions, specialty compounds and wheels to suit.  -coming soon


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