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Kerckhaert Triumph Lite Steel Horseshoes - per Pair

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This series was specifically designed for the Quarter Horse and other breeds that do not require heavy steel for good performance. The front shape is slightly narrower than the regular Triumph series. With lighter section of steel has become a favourite o f performance horses in the ring and out.

The clipped version of Kerckhaert's Triumph Lite. This shoe offers all of the great features of the Steel Triumph Lite and the clips provide additional security with less stress on the nails.

  • Punched for 5 Race, 5 City, or 5 Slim nails.


  • Shoes are symmetrical.
  • Boxed heels for sole relief.
  • Easy fitting.
  • Only available in 3x0 Size.
  • Fronts = Quarter Clipped.
  • Hinds = Side Clipped.



  • Size 3x0 = 4 5/8'' Wide x 4 5/8'' Length (12 1/2'' FIA)


  • Size 3x0 = 4 3/8'' Wide x 4 1/2'' Length (12'' FIA)

Sold per pair (2 shoes). 15 pairs = 1 box.


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