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Kerckhaert Smart Bond Tradition XT Aluminum Horseshoes - per Pair

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The special anti-concussion Blue Bond material was bonded to the Tradition XT race plate. The toe shape of the Tradition is more natural providing a quicker fit for narrower feet. The Blue Bond is applied onto the heel quarter of the shoe behind the fourth nail hole. This is the area where most of the concussion enters the hoof capsule and where the horses natural anti-concussion structures are located.

The bonded area is slightly elevated above the rest of the shoe, but as soon as the hoof is weight bearing the rubber compresses. This maintains a level foot surface and contact with the shoe while reducing concussion at the point of impact.

The benefit of the Smart Bond process is that, in the front half of the race plate, where the nail holes are located, the aluminum plate is in direct contact with the hoof. This ensures that the race plate doesn’t move, which in the past has sometimes resulted in risen clenches.

  • Punched for 3.5 Race, 3.5 Race XL, 4.5 Race, 4.5 Slim nails.


  • Shoes are symmetrical.
  • Built in anti-concussion Blue Bond.
  • None shifting for sold clinches.
  • Well defined sole relief.
  • Tapered heel cut for minimized finishing.
  • Well placed nail holes.
  • Radius corners on all inserts for increased safety.


  • Front 4 = 4 7/8'' Wide x 4 1/2'' Length (12 1/2'' FIA)
  • Front 5 = 5'' Wide x 4 5/8'' Length (12 3/4'' FIA)
  • Front 6 = 5 1/4'' Wide x 4 7/8'' Length (13 1/2'' FIA)
  • Front 7 = 5 3/8'' Wide x 5'' Length (13 7/8'' FIA)

Sold per pair (2 shoes). 10 pairs = 1 box.


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