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Kerckhaert Snow Rim Pads

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Kerckhaert Snow Rim Pads are a best seller in the colder months. They have an inner rim that acts like an air cushion that compresses and expands with each step (flexing) to assist with the prevention of mud/snow packing up. A fantastic yet simple safety option to improve traction. Available in either a clear urethane or black rubber. These pads are a breeze to trim if necessary. Each pair comes in an individually wrapped package.

The urethane pads tend to be longer-wearing for heavy winter use, and can typically be reset.

Available Options:

  • Rubber (black)
  • Urethane (clear)

Available Styles:

  • Front 
  • Hind

Available Sizes:

  • Medium = shoe sizes (4x0 - 1)
  • Large = shoe sizes (2 - 5)

Sold in pairs (2 pads per pack).


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