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Kerckhaert Ranger Lite Plain Steel Horseshoes - per Pair

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** Popular among crafters & welders as a great shoe for projects of all kinds! **

The Ranger Lite by Kerckhaert has been designed for everyday use in both work and pleasure. It is easily shaped, hot or cold, and has a generic shape for front or hind.

With a higher grade of steel for better wear and v-crease for a better fit, this shoe provides the perfect solution for farriers who want the best results at the best price.

  • Punched for City 5 or 5 Slim nails.
  • All shoes come UN-clipped.

Sizes Available

Size 3x0 = Width 4-1/4'' x  Length 4-1/2''   (FIA 11-3/4'')
Size 2x0 = 
Width 4-1/2'' x Length 4-3/4''    (FIA 12-3/8'')
Size 0     = 
Width 4-3/4'' x Length 5''           (FIA 13-1/8'')
Size 1     = 
Width 5'' x Length 5-5/16''         (FIA 13-7/8'')
Size 2     = 
Width 5-5/16'' x Length 5-5/8''  (FIA 14-3/4'')
Size 3     = 


Sold per pair (2 shoes). 20 pairs = A full box.


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