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Kerckhaert No Vibe Kings Outer Rim XT Aluminum Horseshoes- per Pair

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No-Vibe Horseshoes have been tested in the laboratory and on the track and the results are conclusive. No-Vibe horseshoes reduce impact energy loads by as much as 40%. Metal horseshoes that are bonded with the No-Vibe technologically advanced vibration and shock-absorbing pads reduce damaging shock load.

Outer rims are often used with Standardbreds because of its narrower, longer shape that is very typical of the Standardbred front foot. This aluminum shoe is a tough, good wearing shoe for the Standardbred surfaces, but can also be used successfully with Thoroughbreds. The punching is also slightly deeper to help get good nailing. 

  • Punched for 3.5 Race, 3.5 Race XL, 4.5 Race, 4.5 Slim nails.


  • Toe Grab = 2 mm above the shoe to assist with traction.
  • Shoes are symmetrical.
  • Built-in shock absorption to reduce strain on hooves, joints, and bones.
  • Assists in keeping the horse balanced and in rhythm.
  • A good shape that is easy to fit, with solid nail placement.
  • Great traction for turf, and artificial tracks.


  • Front 4 = 4 7/8'' Wide x 4 1/2'' Length (12 1/2'' FIA)
  • Front 5 = 5'' Wide x 4 5/8'' Length (12 3/4'' FIA)
  • Front 6 = 5 1/4'' Wide x 4 7/8'' Length (13 1/2'' FIA)

Sold per pair (2 shoes). 10 pairs = 1 box.


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