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Kerckhaert Meister Steel Horseshoes 22 x 8 mm - per Pair

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Meister horseshoes include a new support concept are wider at the toe for better wear, plus wider at the heel for more cover and support. The branches remain the normal width to reduce weight and make the shoe easy to shape. 

The Kerckhaert Meister is a series designed and made for the German market; therefore, the sizing is different. The number on the Meister shoe is two sizes larger than normal Kerckhaert sizing for riding shoes. In addition, the mark on the Meister shoe is a "D" instead of the "K" you find on the regular Kerckhaert shoe. 

  • Punched for E Head nails.


  • Meister fronts are symmetrical.
  • Extra support at the toe and heel.
  • Narrow branches for easy modifying and shaping.


 Meister Sizing:         0     1     2  3  4  5  6  7
Kerckhaert Sizing: 3x0  2x0  0  1  2  3  4  5

 Sold per pair (2 shoes). 10 pair = 1 box


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