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Kerckhaert Kings Degree XT Hind Aluminum Horseshoes - per Pair

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The Kings Degree shoe is designed to provide extra lift for the hoof with minimal heel length where the hoof tends to grow forward. This additional wedge design helps to support the limb and minimize stress on the structures of the limb. Very often this additional support also helps to minimize the impact on a frog that protrudes more than normal.

  • Punched for 3.5 Race, 3.5 Race XL, 4.5 Race, or 4.5 Slim.


  • Toe Grab = 2 mm.
  • Un-clipped
  • All Kings Plates are symmetrical 
  • Lessens the impact on the heel bulbs.
  • Reduces limb and ligament strain.
  • Assists with lifting run-down heels.

Sizing: Only size 7 available

  • Hind 7 = 5 1/4'' Wide x 5 1/8'' Length (13 7/8'' FIA)

    Sold per pair (2 shoes). 10 pairs = 1 box.


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