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Keystone Leather Rim Pad - per Pair

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Keystone Leather Pads are a best seller as they are an economical way to increase a horse's comfort level. Fitting between the shoe and foot, and acting as a layer of shock absorption/dispersal. These pads assist in providing sole relief.

  • No toxic chemicals, just natural vegetable tanned leather.
  • Each pad is well cut with crisp edges and uniform in shape.
  • Made of only top quality leather with no bends or bows.
  • Does not crush heels.
  • Increases traction levels.
  • Breathable, so moisture is not trapped which decreases the likelihood of thrush related issues.

Available Style:

  • Heavy

Available Sizes:

  • Small = shoes sizes (3x0 - 0)
  • Large = shoes sizes (1 - 3)
  • X Large = shoe sizes (4 - 6)

    Made in the USA.

    Sold as pairs (2 pads).


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