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Hoof Guard Sealant

NEW PACKAGING- SAME PRODUCT. Hoof Guard Sealant is a clear hoof sealant made with the same high-impact Kevlar™ Aramid Fiber technology used in bulletproof vests.


  • Added UV protection to guard against bleaching and surface cracks.
  • Provides a barrier, sealing in moisture and keeping out harmful bacteria.
  • Kevlar fibers are added for stronger healthier hooves.
  • Strengthens the hoof and helps to prevent quarter cracks and under-slung heels.
  • Easy one-coat application.


  1. SHAKE WELL to get the full benefit of fiber.
  2. The hoof should be free of dirt and other contaminants.
  3. Apply sealant as needed with a large brush while avoiding the coronary band.
  4. For brighter and shinier hoofs, wait approximately 1 minute then apply a second coat.

Sizes Available:

  • 16 oz Bottle + Application Brush in Lid.
  • 32 oz Jug Refill.

Made in the USA.

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