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Kerckhaert Ranger Plain Steel Horseshoes

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**Limited stock is left at this price. Discontinued by manufacture. Great for steel welding projects.

The Ranger Plain by Kerckhaert has been designed for everyday use in both work and pleasure. Has a generic shape for the front or hind.

With a higher grade of steel for better wear and v-crease for a better fit, this shoe provides the perfect solution for farriers who want the best results at the best price.

  • Punched for City 5 or 5 Slim nails.
  • Unclipped style

Sizes Available

Size 2x0 = Width 4-1/2'' x Length 4-3/4''    
Size 0     = 
Width 4-3/4'' x Length 5''  no longer available  See Ranger Lite       
Size 1     = 
Width 5'' x Length 5-5/16''       no longer available  See Ranger Lite
Size 2     = 
Width 5-5/16'' x Length 5-5/8''  
Size 3
     = Width 5-3/4" x Length 6"


Sold per pair (2 shoes). 20 pairs = A full box.


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