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Keratex Coconut Oil Hoof Balm

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Launched on January. 22, 2017, this product won the prestigious BETA International Innovation Award the following day.

This highly sought-after, premium blend of coconut oil, beeswax and tea tree oil will protect, condition and care for equine hooves. It provides a stunning glossy finish with all the benefits of natural oils and waxes including nourishment and breath-ability!

Added to this great balm is beeswax – nature’s gloss! Beeswax gives hooves a lovely sheen and provides enough ‘stick’ for the coconut oil to do its work. The tea tree oil has natural cleansing and astringent properties. Perfect for preventing surface cracks during wet/dry cycling.

Size Available:

  • 400 gm Jar

Colour Options:

  • Clear
  • Black 

Made in the UK.


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