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Kast-O-Lite 30 LI Plus Insulating Bubble Castable Refractory - 1 Gallon Pail

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  • High Strength Refractory (approx 2000 psi @ forge heat), High Alumina, Moderate Density (90 lb/ft3), Insulating (new generation bubble class) refractory with low thermal conductivity. 

    Rated to 3000 °F (well above forge welding heat).  Low Iron (0.9%) for flux resistance.  Hydraulic set.  

    It can be used on its own, or as a layer over top of wool (best to toughen up the wool first with our freeze-proof rigidizer to prevent its compression during application), etc. 

  • Features:

    • KastOLite 30 LI + does not have the density and burner durability of Green Kleen 60, Green Cast 94 or even KS-4V Plus, but it is lighter and offers superior insulation.  These 'Green' Castables have amazing strengths of 9000 psi, but are twice the density of KOL 30.
    • This keeps your forge walls cooler on the outside, and warmer inside.  Used either as hot-face or back-up lining applications.



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