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Kaowool Rigidizer - Standard -IN store pick-up ONLY (too cold Oct-Apr)

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** Once Applied, to fully activate the Crystalization Phase - Expose the rigidized wool to a flame for a few minutes.**

This Standard Rigidizer is an economical alternative to Freeze Proof Rigidizer. 

A popular colloidal silica compound for stiffening ceramic wool refractory fiber.  (Inswool/Kaowool/forge insulation blanket).

CAUTION: Freezing destroys Standard Rigidizer. It solidifies, permanently. 

We can only ship this 'Standard' Rigidizer in warm weather. 

Order Freeze Proof Rigidizer if you need Rigidizer shipped during winter (Oct-April).

Why Rigidize?

  • It provides a degree of fibre stiffness, resistance to erosion, and protection from compression, especially before coating with castables (if performed).
  • While Rigidizer can't fully withstand metal welding heat, it helps give wool integrity resisting compression which would permanently diminish performance.  
  • Applying performance/protective coatings to your forge liner is easier after it is rigidized. (It makes it less like trying to paint cotton balls). 
  • Commonly used prior to coatings like ITC 100HTITC 296A or Kast-O-Lite 30 which aid in increasing the efficiency and longevity of your forge.  


ITC is rated to 5000°F, and by reflecting the heat from the surface of the wool, brings a typical 40% increase of forge efficiency, burning less fuel, & shortening heat up time.
ITC also preserves the properties of the Rigidizer and the thermal wool by mitigating the heat transferred from the firebox.

Typical Applications:

  • Surface coating for ceramic fiber blanket and modules exposed to high-velocity gases.
  • Surface treatment for vacuum-formed fiber shapes to increase surface hardness.
  • Increases surface hardness and resistance to erosion.
  • Easily applied by brushing or spraying, a little goes a long way.

Size Options Available:

  • 250 ml bottle - spray top
  • 500 ml bottle - spray top

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